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Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Female Solo Travellers

I’m so excited about this blog post because I love being organised and trust me you will love this too. We are talking about the top 10 free apps to download for female solo travellers. After travelling alone for years I can tell you exactly which apps matter so I can save you time and definitely space on your phone.

You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use these apps and good news – they will make your travels a lot easier.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

#1 Google Keep for your travel lists

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Female Solo Travellers. Google Keeps screenshot.

This is my favourite app above all. If you are a list freak or you like organising your trip, then Google Keep is right up your street. I personally have 4 lists for when I travel. 

  1. “To-do list” -> for before and during the trip. So before the trip, I would have a list of tasks to do before leaving and during the drip, I would write down all the questions I need to ask or if there is anything I need to research. 
  2. List for suitcase -> I always save my past suitcase lists so I can refer to them in the future. I will then duplicate an old list and adjust it to my new holiday destination. 
  3. List for the plane bag ->This list is pretty much always the same, it only changes slightly if it’s a long flight or short. On a long flight or more than 1 flight journey, I would also bring some water-based wipes and another outfit in case I want to shower or refresh and get changed. (Head to this blog post for packing tips and lists)
  4. “Airport list” -> This includes everything I need to purchase at the airport after security. Sometimes I would get some last-minute travel-sized items, mosquito repellent or new eye drops. 

#2 Google Maps (offline) to get around

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Female Solo Travellers. Google Maps Offline screenshot.

I didn’t know about this until a few years ago and it’s been mind-blowing. There will be times when you are not going to have WiFi and you are going to miss Google Maps more than anything! But don’t worry, you can still keep track of where you are going. That’s right! 

Google Maps will still show you where you are going so you can check if you are heading towards the right direction. However, you won’t be able to do any kind of research or tap on a restaurant. It will only keep you out of trouble and not get you lost. 

The alternative would be to download the map from Google Maps (this is how) so you can use the same functions as you were online.

You can obviously also use Google Maps online (with mobile data or WIFI) to help you getting to places by foot or using public transport.

Alternative to Google Maps for public transport:


My mum would define Citymapper as her “best friend” every time she came to visit me in London. This app is quite similar to Google Maps but with a much better interface and enhanced functions. It would tell you all the available transport solutions to reach your destination, different prices and which carriages are less busy (for the underground). You can also set up a notification that will let you know when to get off the bus. 

#3 Google Translate

In case you really need to translate a sign, ingredients, menu or anything important (especially with food allergies), Google Translate is your best bet. Head to Google Translate and point your phone towards the sign you want to translate (just like taking a picture) and tada! You can see the translation happening in real-time. 

Do you have more time? Try to learn the language


Knowing at least a few words of the language spoken at your holiday destination is always nice. Yes, English is widely spoken these days but it’s nice to learn a different language, that tells us something about other cultures. 

Duolingo allows you to learn a new language via interactive and simple activities. You can select your goal at the very beginning, you can opt for a basic course just to learn a few sentences for a holiday or select other levels.

#4 Whering to be on top of your suitcase

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Solo Travellers. Whering app.

This is a really good tip that my friend gave me recently. Sometimes I roll up my clothes so well that once I’m on holiday I don’t even know what I have available and how I can combine each look. Whering will help you be on top of your suitcase, no doubt! Take a picture of all the clothes you packed and have fun creating the looks for each occasion. I always make sure all my items are interchangeable so that all bottoms can be paired with more than one top and so on – minimalist tip right there 😉

#5 Grab app for food and taxis

Mainly used in Southeast Asia, Grab is the perfect food delivery provider – especially if you have food allergies (not severe) or intolerance. It’s very easy to customise and build your own meal, I normally get customised salads, stir-fries or smoothie bowls. This app is a great option for delivering groceries too. It also offers a great taxi service, giving you different options for cars or being picked up with a motorbike. Check out GoJek if you’re going to Bali: Quite similar to Grab but a Balinese version. Grab is also widely used in Bali but is less popular than GoJek for sure.

It really depends on where you go. In London for example, there are quite a few alternatives to Uber when it comes to taxi service but I would still use Uber among all the apps as it’s more widely used and has more cars available. Regarding food delivery, Uber Eats, Just Eat, and Deliveroo are the best!

In South Korea a good taxi app would be Kakao Taxi which works in a similar way to Uber and for food delivery you should download Shuttle Delivery.

#6 for accommodation and flights

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Solo Travellers. app

I always have a “travel” folder on my phone which includes all the accommodation apps I use when travelling so that I can check my bookings straight away or message the structure if needed. The top app I would check first is definitely The reason it’s that I try to use it as much as possible in order to move to the “genius level” and unlock more discounts (see more details here). is also great if you’re looking for flights! They have quite reasonably-priced options and a great customer service ready to help in case you need anything. An alternative to this you have the classic Skyscanner which is one of the best places to look for flights. This app is also great for “multi-city” research, which is useful if you have a few flights on your itinerary.

Alternatives to to look for a place to stay:

My “travel” folder would also include Airbnb and Agoda (especially for South East Asia). If you are travelling on a budget then you should download Hostelworld or AtHotel . If you’ve never heard of AtHotel, you should check it out! It’s a hotel booking site that offers lots of discounts, the reason being is that they don’t invest in Ads but they only promote themselves through their Insta account. So because they are not investing in Ads, they can offer accommodations that are cheaper for us!

#7 Instagram “Places” to find spots around you

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Solo Travellers. Instagram places.

I would specifically use this if I’m looking for a cafe, restaurant or place of interest near me. Head to the search bar and type your location then press “places” from the top bar. You can even press the small arrow to see your location in order to see everything around you. Instagram Places will show you where other people have been near you, their pictures and photos. This a great way to find out hidden gems, however, some places might be pretty and Instagrammable but not good quality (especially when we talk about restaurants). 

#8 Timeshifter to manage your jetleg

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Solo Travellers. Timeshifter App.

The Timeshifter app is basically your jetleg manager and it does it so well! All you have to do is inserting your flight number and it would work out time-zones immediately. From there it would tell you exactly when you should go to sleep, have coffee or see the light starting from days before your flight – so you can naturally adjust to your new time zone. The same goes for the trip and after, you are literally always guided every day.

#9 NomadHer to find travel buddies

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Female Solo Travellers. Nomad Her App.

The NomadHer App is the best around for the female solo travel community. You can safely ask questions, find travel buddies or share your travel stories. This app would also organise in-person events in different countries or activities to join at a reasonable price!

#10 Geosure to check safety scores

Top 10 Free Apps To Download For Solo Travellers. Geosure app.

When it comes to female travel apps, Geosure app is definitely one of the best ones to keep in mind. This is because although we are all fearless and confident, it’s still very important to know what to expect when entering a new city or neighbourhood. Geosure does exactly that, it shows you a score to each neighbourhood you are searching. The score shows you how safe is for women or LGBT community or if it’s safe at night and so on.

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Google Sheets

I suggest writing your full itinerary on Google Sheets (see example here) and sharing it with friends and family. This is very useful to be on top of your travel plans but also just to let everyone know where you are in case they can’t get hold of you. 


And that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this blog post on the absolute top 10 free apps to download for female solo travellers! If you are wondering where to go on your first solo trip make sure you check this blog post or this one if your subconscious mind is screaming Bali already!

Ciao for now, 

Silvia x