Snorkelling trips to book in nusa panida for solo travellers. View from Nusa Penida

Top Snorkelling Trips To Book in Nusa Penida For Solo Travellers

Nusa Penida has incredible coral reefs you can’t possibly miss out on. This calls for a great snorkelling trip! I’ve done it before and I can guarantee it’s 100% worth it! In this blog post, I will go through the best snorkelling trips to book in Nusa Penida for solo travellers and a few tips to make sure you bring the right gear.

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Why Snorkelling in Nusa Penida

Snorkelling trips to book in nusa penida for solo travellers. Snorkelling trip boats in Bali

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida offers a truly unique and unforgettable underwater experience. This island, located off the southeast coast of Bali, is renowned for its crystal-clear waters and abundant marine life. Visitors have the opportunity to swim alongside majestic manta rays at Manta Point, explore vibrant coral reefs teeming with colourful fish, and discover hidden underwater treasures at locations like Crystal Bay and Gamat Bay. The diverse marine ecosystem, coupled with the breathtaking underwater visibility, makes Nusa Penida a top snorkelling destination. If you are not used to snorkelling and are afraid of exploring the sea, don’t worry because they provide life jackets. You are free to use these if you need some reassurance. The guides are also very experienced so don’t worry, none will lose sight of you!

What to Look For Before Booking

Before booking a snorkelling trip to Nusa Penida, there are several key factors to consider to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. This is even if you don’t go for my suggested experiences below. First, check the credentials and reviews of the tour operator to ensure they are reputable and provide quality services. Verify what is included in the package, such as transportation, snorkelling equipment, meals, and the presence of a professional guide. It’s crucial to confirm whether the tour includes pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel, as this can significantly enhance convenience. Additionally, consider the duration of the trip to ensure it fits your schedule and expectations. Ensure that the tour operator adheres to safety standards, including providing life jackets and briefing participants on safety protocols. Lastly, review the itinerary and the snorkelling spots included in the tour to ensure they align with your interests and skill level (not a problem if underskilled anyway), and check the group size, as smaller groups often offer a more personalised and less crowded experience.

Best Snorkelling Experiences to Book for Nusa Penida

Right, let’s dive in now! I’ve listed 5 different snorkelling experiences. Some would also include a visit to Nusa Penida, while others focus on different snorkelling points. Feel free to pick based on what interests you the most. If you’ve never been to Nusa Penida before, I would recommend the tour including the visit to the island. It’s very touristy but it’s nice to check it out. 

#1 Nusa Penida Snorkeling in 4 Spots (Manta Rays Land Tour)

This experience includes snorkelling in four different spots around Nusa Penida, with a focus on encountering manta rays. It typically involves visits to popular snorkelling locations. This experience is great because in case you can’t see any mantas (it happens) you can still get to see the coral reef in other spots. 

🕑 Experience duration: Full day

💰 Price: Approximately $60-$80 per person price also includes the entry ticket.

#2 Bali to Nusa Penida Full-Day Trip with Snorkeling Tour

This full-day trip from Bali to Nusa Penida includes snorkelling as part of the tour package. It covers various attractions and snorkelling spots around Nusa Penida. This is a lovely experience as it includes visiting Nusa Penida island. Be aware, that there will be monkeys, so don’t bring anything of value with you just in case. 

🕑 Experience duration: Full day

💰 Price: Approximately $70-$90 per person

#3 From Lembongan: Snorkeling at Manta Bay, Gamat, and Crystal

This experience starts from Lembongan Island and includes snorkelling at Manta Bay, Gamat Bay, and Crystal Bay, renowned for their marine life and crystal-clear waters. I would recommend this experience if you are already visiting Nusa Lembongan (which is stunning!) and want to go on a snorkelling trip from there. This trip includes different stops which is nice, I’ve been on one from Nusa Lembongan and we managed to swim with turtles as well. It was amazing.

🕑 Experience duration: Half day

💰 Price: $40-$60 per person

#4 Nusa Penida Island Highlights Tour with Snorkel Stops

This tour covers the highlights of Nusa Penida, including a snorkelling stop by Manta Bay. It’s designed to showcase the natural beauty and attractions of the island. This is a cheaper alternative to experience #2 as there will be fewer snorkelling stops.

🕑 Experience duration: Full day

💰 Price: Approximately $50-$70 per person

#5 Bali Snorkeling Day Trip to Nusa Penida (Manta Point)

This day trip from Bali focuses on snorkelling at Manta Point near Nusa Penida, known for its population of manta rays. It includes transportation, lunch on the boat and snorkelling activities. This is a chilled experience with more breaks and social interaction. 

🕑 Experience duration: Full day

💰 Price: Approximately $60-$80 per person

What to Bring to the Snorkelling Trip

Packing the right items for your snorkelling trip to Nusa Penida can greatly enhance your comfort and enjoyment. Here’s a list of essential items to ensure you’re well-prepared for the adventure:

  • Swimsuit: Comfortable and appropriate for swimming.
  • Long-sleeved shirt: This is super useful to protect you in case you are prone to getting sunburned or just at the beginning of your trip to Bali when your skin is not ready to get so much sun yet. 
  • Towel: To dry off after snorkelling.
  • Change of Clothes: Fresh clothes to change into after the trip.
  • Reef-safe Sunscreen: High-SPF to protect your skin and marine life.
  • Hat and Sunglasses: Extra sun protection during the boat ride.
  • Snorkeling Gear: Mask, snorkel, and fins if you prefer to use your own equipment. Don’t worry if not, they provide it normally.
  • Waterproof Bag: To keep your belongings dry. This is very important because the boat will have water all over the place!
  • Underwater Camera: To capture the stunning marine life. Most of the time the guide would have it and share the pictures later.
  • Cash: For additional expenses or tips for the guides. It never happened to me but you never know!

Tips for Motion Sickness

Snorkelling trips to book in nusa penida for solo travellers. Get ready for a snorkelling trip

I’m not going to lie if you get seasick easily, the Manta Bay stop is no joke. That is because the waves around there are big and strong. I suffered heavily there, but I’m like a puppy, I get motion-sick everywhere I go! So just a heads up, if you choose an experience with Manta Bay, make sure you are prepared. 

A few preventative measures can help ensure you have an enjoyable snorkelling trip in Nusa Penida. Consider the following tips to minimize discomfort:

  • Motion Sickness Medication: Take over-the-counter medication like Dramamine or Bonine before the trip.
  • Light Meal: Eat a light meal before the trip; avoid greasy or heavy foods. No omelettes for breakfast you guys!
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink water but avoid excessive alcohol or caffeine.
  • Sit on the back of the Boat: Position yourself towards the end of the boat where motion is less intense.
  • Focus on the Horizon: Keep your gaze fixed on the horizon to help maintain balance.
  • Fresh Air: Find a spot with good airflow to breathe in fresh air.
  • Lie Down: If you start feeling unwell, lie down and close your eyes to alleviate symptoms.

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This is a wrap! I hope you get to book your snorkelling trip! An alternative to Nusa Penida would be Amed. If you go to Jemeluk Beach, you don’t even need a boat, you can swim to the place with your fins! Read more about Amed here

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