Best Places to Learn How to Dance Salsa in Ubud. Image of a hotel swimming pool, surrounded by palm trees and greenery.

Best Places to Learn How to Dance Salsa in Ubud 

The last thing you would think about your trip to Ubud is learning how to dance salsa. Here I am telling you it’s a lot of fun, it’s a thing, and you should give it a go!

Why in Ubud?

It’s not just in Ubud; it’s in many places in Bali, but Ubud is where you would find at least one salsa event every night. And if you want to go to a salsa class, well, it’s quite affordable and taught by passionate local dancers! In this guide, we’ll explore the unexpected but exciting world of salsa dancing in Ubud.

Where Can You Learn How to Dance in Ubud?

#1 The Yoga Barn

Best Places to Learn How to Dance Salsa in Ubud. Image of the Yoga Barn from the outside on a rainy day in Ubud.

I know it’s a yoga school, but The Yoga Barn organises salsa classes occasionally, and they are amazing! The instructor is lovely and the setting is very Balinese style – surrounded by palm trees! It’s an unconventional and fun experience for both beginners and experienced dancers. If you’re a beginner, this class would give you some confidence before approaching a salsa night!

#2 Ubud Studio

Ubud Studio is another fantastic spot to unleash your salsa moves. This is a proper dance studio which has been around for more than 10 years, with dedicated instructors and a vibrant atmosphere. Their rooftop is incredible and that’s where they host most of the salsa/bachata nights. You should definitely add this to your list!

#3 Laughing Buddha Bar

Laughing Buddha Bar is the perfect place to try out some of your dance moves learnt during class. It’s a fantastic bar which hosts occasional salsa nights. Check their events calendar or just walk by (considering it’s on the main street) to see what’s on that night!

#4 CP Lounge

CP Lounge, known for its eclectic events, occasionally hosts salsa nights. The open-air setting and enthusiastic crowd create a fantastic environment for both beginners and seasoned salsa dancers. Again this is on the main road, so super handy to walk by after dinner.

Other Cool Places to Check Outside Ubud

I’m also going to give you 2 more spots to keep in mind in case you move to the West Coast from Ubud! These are not salsa classes but they have salsa nights and you can practice your moves by dancing with others or following the guides showing the moves!

#1 La Favela (Seminyak)

La Favela is a unique venue in Seminyak known for its eclectic décor and diverse events. While it may not focus solely on salsa, it occasionally features Latin and salsa nights. Make sure to check their insta account or DM them to make sure the salsa night is on before going!

#2 Rolling Fork (Uluwatu)

Dancing at the Rolling Fork is just amazing! You don’t have to have dinner here if you already have plans, you can just turn up whenever you like and have fun! They do all sorts of Latin dance, some salsa, bachata and so on. The atmosphere is very chilled and it’s super easy to find parking too! Social dancing happens every Tuesday from 9.30 to midnight – if you are in Uluwatu you should check it out!


So, there you have it! Ubud, Bali, might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think about salsa dancing, but it’s undoubtedly a hidden gem for dance enthusiasts. If you are new to salsa, this is just one of the many things you can take up and explore in Bali. Why? Because activities are very affordable and high quality! For example, you could take up surfing, or a painting class. They say you only desire things that you know so you should definitely try something new in Bali!

Ciao for now,

Silvia x