Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Monastery in Lovina, Bali.

Is Lovina Worth Visiting? Everything About This Balinese Gem!

Located on the northern coast of this Indonesian paradise, Lovina offers a relaxing escape from the bustling tourist hotspots. This year, I had the amazing opportunity to visit this beautiful place and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! I was completely captured by its cultural charm and the fact that it wasn’t overrun by tourists (finally!).

But is Lovina worth visiting? Let’s dive in and explore all the reasons why this beautiful Balinese gem should be on your travel radar 😉

#1 The Beaches and Sunsets are Stunning!

One of the top reasons to visit Lovina is undoubtedly its incredible beaches. Unlike the crowded shores of Kuta or Seminyak, Lovina offers a more laid-back coastal experience. Picture yourself strolling along black sand beaches with gentle waves lapping at your feet as you watch a breathtaking sunset paint the sky in hues of orange and pink. The calm atmosphere and untouched beauty make it an ideal spot for relaxation and reflection.

#2 Watch the Dolphins!

Lovina is renowned for its dolphin-watching opportunities, which means it has to be on your must-visit list. Rise early before dawn, board a traditional outrigger boat, and head out into the open sea. As the sun begins to rise over the horizon, you’ll witness pods of dolphins gracefully leaping through the water, their playful antics filling you with joy. It’s an incredible experience that will leave you with lasting memories for sure!

You can request this experience at your accommodation or reserve your spot online here below:

Check out the dolphin experience here 🐬

#3 You Should Try a Waterfall Hike

Hidden amidst lush vegetation and tropical landscapes, Lovina boasts stunning waterfalls that are well worth exploring. Some of the most beautiful ones are the Banyumala Waterfall and Gitgit Waterfall, cascading down in multiple tiers amidst greenery surroundings. Ask your accommodation staff for more information, they might be able to arrange a guide/driver for this trip 😉

#4 You Can Experience an Authentic Local Culture

Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Monastery in Lovina, Bali

For those seeking an authentic cultural experience in Bali, Lovina delivers for sure. Visit Banjar Hot Springs to immerse yourself in healing thermal waters surrounded by lush gardens. But also, make sure you explore the Brahma Arama Vihara Buddhist Monastery, this place is not only rich in history but it’s also incredibly peaceful and well designed for visitors including signs explaining what’s in front of you. I managed to go there through my accommodation, so you can do the same. There is a small fee to get in (IDR 10-20k) and you need to make sure you are properly dressed (if not you can rent a sarong).

Not too far from this Buddhist monastery, you can engage with friendly locals as you discover the vibrant markets and traditional villages, gaining a deeper understanding of Balinese culture and way of life.

#5 Snorkeling is amazing!

While Lovina may not be as famous for its diving and snorkelling as some other parts of Bali, it still offers fantastic opportunities to explore the underwater world. Embark on a snorkelling trip to Menjangan Island, known for its pristine coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life. Swim alongside tropical fish and marvel at the vibrant coral formations, creating memories that will stay with you long after you leave.

#6 This Theme Park is Really Something

This theme park called Krisna Funtasticland was on my way to the Brahma Arama Vihara monastery and it really captured my attention. Even if you’re not a child, aren’t you curious to know how a theme park is run in Bali? Well, there is only one way to find out!

#7 Have Brunch at this Delicious Cafe

Coffenosky cafe in Lovina, Bali
The COFFENOSKY in Lovina, Bali

When you travel and find the perfect spot for reading your book or getting a delicious meal, it becomes your “go-to” place. Well, trust me when I say that this cafe called COFFENOSKY will be exactly that! They also have some seats upstairs overlooking the greenery!

Where to Stay in Lovina

Budget Hotel Recommendation:

If you’re travelling on a budget, consider staying at the charming Summer Guesthouse Lovina. Offering cosy rooms with basic amenities, this guesthouse provides excellent value for money. The friendly staff will make you feel right at home while being just a short walk away from the beach.

Mid-Range Hotel Recommendation:

Silvia at the gym facing the sea at New Sunari Lovina Resort (Bali)
Gym at New Sunari Lovina Resort

For those seeking a comfortable stay with a touch of luxury, check out the New Sunari Lovina Resort. This place is lovely but the gym is absolutely stunning because it faces the sea! It’s the perfect location for your workouts and it also includes air-conditioning which is a blessing in Bali! The main swimming pool is also quite big and just a few steps from the beach. The rooms are super spacious and clean, quite basic but they have everything you need!

Silvia and a local dog at Lilin Lovina Beach Resort in Lovina, Bali
Lilin Lovina Beach

An alternative to the above is Lilin Lovina Beach. This place will literally make you feel like you’re at home! This small but quite luxurious resort is literally by the beach. The staff is so lovely and welcoming it’s incredible. Some rooms have a small private swimming pool for a nice deep at any time of the day. I’ve spent a long time sitting on one of the sofas at reception facing the sea and reading a book during rainy days. They have a wide range of events/locations to take you to, including dolphin-watching experiences departing directly from there!

Luxury Hotel Recommendation:

For an unforgettable experience, treat yourself to a stay at The Damai. This luxurious beachfront property overlooks Bali’s North Coast, jungle hills and Java Volcanos. This place is about 3km away from Lovina Beach, so if you go for this option, you have to think about how to move around (more info below!).

Insider Tips for Visiting Lovina

#1 Visit early morning

To witness dolphins in their natural habitat, it’s best to book an early morning boat tour.

#2 Explore off-the-beaten-path

While Lovina is known for its beaches, don’t miss out on exploring the surrounding waterfalls and villages for a truly immersive experience.

Delicious local food in Lovina, Bali. It's a broth with vegetables and noodles
Vegetarian broth with noodles in Lovina

#3 Try local cuisine

Don’t forget to sample the delicious local dishes, such as Nasi Campur or Babi Guling, at the charming warungs (local eateries) scattered around Lovina.

FAQ: Answering your burning questions 

How long should you stay in Lovina?

The ideal duration for a visit to Lovina would be around 2-3 days. This will give you enough time to explore the beaches, engage in dolphin-watching activities, and discover nearby attractions.

What is Lovina Beach known for?

Lovina Beach is famous for its serene atmosphere, black sand beaches, and dolphin-watching opportunities.

How do you get around in Lovina Bali?

To explore Lovina and its surroundings, renting a scooter or hiring a private driver are popular options. You can also arrange transportation through your accommodation. Bear in mind that the popular Grab and Gojek are not available here!

Can you see dolphins from the beach in Lovina?

While it is possible to spot dolphins from the beach in Lovina on rare occasions, taking a boat tour offers a higher chance of seeing them closely.

Is Lovina Bali safe?

Lovina is generally considered safe for travellers. However, as with any destination, it’s always advisable to take standard precautions such as being aware of your surroundings and securing your belongings.

Where is Lovina Beach Bali?

Lovina Beach is located on the northern coast of Bali, approximately 10 kilometres west of Singaraja.

Which is better to visit: Lovina or Amed?

Both Lovina and Amed offer unique experiences. If you prefer tranquil beaches and dolphin watching, choose Lovina. If you’re more interested in snorkelling and diving adventures along vibrant coral reefs, Amed might be a better fit.

Final Verdict: Is Lovina Worth Visiting?

In conclusion, Lovina is undoubtedly worth visiting for female solo travellers in Bali. Its relaxing beaches, exhilarating dolphin-watching opportunities, stunning waterfalls, and authentic cultural experiences create a truly memorable journey.

If you are wondering where to go next, check out this 10-day Bali itinerary!

Ciao for now,

Silvia x