How to book a Solo Holiday in 5 steps

Hello you!

Are you finally happy to start a new chapter in your life? The one where you listen to your inner voice saying it’s time to go and you actually make it happen? Well, welcome to the club! I wrote down 5 easy steps to help you finally book your first Solo Holiday! Are you ready? Let’s go!

Step 1. Decide where to go for your Solo Holiday – in a smart way! 

Have you got your travel wish list? No? Close your eyes, think about the places you would love to go and write it down, even if it’s wild!

Make a list of places that are far away and others that are closer to start with.

Now, score your options based on the following: 

  • Time of the year to visit (based on weather and local events) 
  • Cost of flight
  • Cost of hotel
  • Activities (are the activities you have in mind actually happening during the time of your visit?)
  • Do you have enough annual leave to go that far? 

If you still don’t know where to go, check out this blog post where I suggest a few places to consider for your first solo trip!

Step 2. The exciting part is research!!

You finally decided on the country you want to visit. Now, you need to narrow down exactly where to go. You need to plan a rough itinerary based on what you would like to experience. 

This can be a high-level research because once you’re there you will definitely find other alternatives you’ve never thought about!

This is how to research: 

  • Podcasts: simply type the country you’re looking for in the search bar and see what comes up. I found this podcast called “Amateur Traveler” very insightful. That’s how I started my research for my last trip to Thailand!
  • Social media: YouTube is normally my second place to look at what are roughly the main attractions of the country/city. Sometimes Pinterest could also be useful to help you visualise what to expect.
  • Library: We pay a lot of council tax. The least you could do is take advantage of the free books available to you. I normally pick up at least 3 books about the country I have in mind and 1 about the capital. I would then read them or flick through and flag with a post-it note whatever caught my attention.
  • Viator: You can get a taste of what kind of experiences you could have once you get there. It’s very likely that you will be able to book the same experience for much cheaper once you get there. Therefore, don’t book anything in advance unless you’re really convinced it’s the best choice for you. I love Viator experiences because they are very trustworthy, safe and perfect to meet new people on the way!
Bankok - How to book a Solo Holiday in 5 steps
China Town, Bangkok

Step 3: Keep it real – look at the map (or Google Maps) 

After your research, you finally know where to go and what you would like to experience. These will be the firm points of your trip. Now look at the map and see if you can realistically visit all these places. What’s the distance between each other? How many can you cover in a day? What is transport like? Where is the airport? 

This information will give you an idea about how long time you need to spend there and where to book your accommodation.

Railay Beach - How to book a Solo Holiday in 5 steps
Railay Beach, Krabi

Step 4: Now you can book your flight and accommodation

You finally have a rough idea about where to go and what to do. You’re now confident enough to book the flight for your first solo holiday.

If it’s a long flight, consider doing some research about your credit cards. Some of them would offer the chance to upgrade to business or free miles. One of these cards is American Express but it depends on where you live, make sure you do your research or check this blog post where I go through a few tips to save money when booking your trip.

You can book internal flights and some accommodations when you get closer to leaving. Make sure you don’t book everything, but only the first few nights. You might change your mind once you’re there and sometimes it’s hard to cancel and refund your bookings!

Also, consider your yet-leg if there will be one. If I know I will be jet-lagged, I always make sure to book a comfortable hotel not too far from the airport!

Step 5: Share the itinerary of your Solo Holiday!

Make sure you write down where to go, I would suggest keeping a Google Sheet (see example here). It’s easy to keep it updated whilst you travel and it’s useful to share it with your family/friends.


I hope this blog post got you excited about your solo trip! Make sure to check out Visa requirements for your destination and always get your health travel insurance in place as well. You are just a step away from embarking on your dream trip. Enjoy every moment to the fullest and make unforgettable memories!

Ciao for now,

Silvia x