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How To Shower For Free At Dubai Airport

We’ve all been there. When we have 2 or more flights on our schedule, we only desire one thing more than anything. That is our beloved shower. In this blog post, I’ll tell you how to shower for free in a few easy steps.

You guys, a shower makes a lot of difference between flights. I can see you are nodding already, so let’s get started!

Step 1: Make sure you have all you need

Travel towel in microfibre

When it’s time to pack your boarding bag, sneak in a pair of flip-flops, a travel towel and shower gel. I always bring this towel I got from Amazon. It’s in microfibre and it dries in no time! You will also need something to wear after the shower for your next flight.

Step 2: Check how much time you have

I always shower and have dinner at Dubai Airport even with only 2 hours of layover (considering it takes me 10 minutes to shower). I rarely find a queue for the showers. However, keep in mind there is a cleaner wiping down the showers in between people. This might take some extra time. I would suggest heading to the shower immediately and seeing if it’s worth going for it considering your time available.

Step 3: Head to the showers

Right, now the fun part. The free showers are located in Terminal 3 between gates B13 and B19. The sign should be similar to the one above. There is a small shower sign next to female or male toilets. It’s normally a bathroom with a few shower cubicles.

Step 4: Don’t stay forever

That’s right. There are other people who desperately need to shower in between flights. The space in the shower cubicle is not that big. I would suggest getting dressed in the WC cubicle (it’s normally less busy than the showers) and then moving to the sinks to do your skincare, and brushing your teeth.

Are the showers clean?

I’ve used the free showers quite a few times now and I can say they are really clean. Especially because the cleaners would wipe the showers constantly and clean them completely as soon as it’s less busy. That being said, it’s always good hygiene practice to wear flip-flops in a public shower.

What is the alternative to the free showers?

If you want to have a more spacious place to shower and get ready there is an alternative. But it’s pricey. I’m talking about the lounges. You might have free access with your credit card or if you’re a gold airline member. This is the updated list of lounges available in Dubai. If you are not flying in business/first class or have any access through various memberships you can still access some lounges by paying per hour. For example, Mahraba Lounge would start from £48.10 for 2 hours. Lounges would also include hot food, beverages, sometimes sleeping rooms, a children’s area and a lot more. I would recommend considering them if:

  • you have plenty of time before your next flight (+2 hours)
  • you are travelling with children or elderly people
  • you have food allergies. The buffet would have from basic to elaborate meals with lots of choices.
  • your layover is overnight. If you are hungry and have plenty of time, there aren’t many food options late at night!

My personal experience with the lounge was great, I had delicious food and fully rested before the next flight. However, I had to join a list in order to shower and the waiting line was about 1 hour. So I would say, if you’re short on time and want to shower, the free shower option is what you should go for.

What if I don’t have time to shower?

I’ve been in really short layovers as well in Dubai. So short that I didn’t have time to shower at all. In this case, there is only one thing to do: use some water wipes try to refresh your body as much as you can and get changed.

The bathrooms in Dubai are quite spacious so you can do all this very easily.


If you didn’t know there was a free shower at Dubai Airport, you are welcome! I actually always try to change my flights in Dubai do this exact reason! If you are not sure what to pack for your trip, check out this blog post!

Ciao for now,

Sivia x