How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Silvia on the balcony in Bali during sunset.

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali

Travelling alone doesn’t mean you can’t come back home with impressive pictures. You’ve made it this far and you want to remember your trip because it will be remarkable for sure.  I’ve been travelling alone for over 10 years and I can finally say I have a tip or two to share with my girlies! In this blog post, I will guide you on how to get great pictures when travelling alone in Bali. Yes even for the shy ones out there!

Ready? Let’s go!

Why You Want To Take Amazing Pictures Of Yourself In Bali

You guys, on my first school trip, my mum gave me a Kodak camera. She then went to develop the pictures and came back to me saying “Silvia you are in none of these pictures”. I was 8 years old back then and I was so shy I couldn’t even imagine asking someone to take a picture of me or with me! 

I’m in my 30s now and while I would still be hesitant to ask someone to take a picture of me, I come back with awesome pictures and videos I look back to a lot! That’s not only for social media but also for myself. 

Having memories from your trip is super important because you will want to remember the incredible environment of Bali and how you felt during your trip! That’s even if you are shy, you have to make it work and you will thank yourself later! 

Right, make sure you save this blog post somewhere because I’m going to start with my tips!

Top Tips To Take Pictures Alone in Bali

Tip #1: Start from home 

If you want to get good grades, you have to do your homework but don’t worry this is a fun one! Pinterest has the most amazing pictures when it comes to travel. Type your destination in the search bar and start scrolling. You can create a board for all the pins you save or just take screenshots. You can do the same with Instagram but I personally find Pinterest super useful to find exactly what I want in no time. 

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Screenshot of Pinterest.
Pinterest results when searching “Bali girls trip aesthetic”

When you find the perfect picture, answer these questions: 

  • Is this photo taken in a specific location I need to go to? 
  • What is she wearing? Does it matter? Sometimes it does! For example, it could be the colour of your outfit needs to contrast to the background. 
  • How far is the camera from her? Take a look at the pictures closely, How much floor or sky is in the picture? 

Once you know more details you might want to pack accordingly or think about adding that specific location to your itinerary. 

Tip #2: Get the right travel tripod!

While it is important to have a minimum of equipment with you – keep in mind you have to carry it!

You want a super light tripod that is extendable and fits perfectly in your travel bag or suitcase. If it’s not easy to carry, you won’t use it. I always carry it in my small crossbag and it’s lighter than a tiny water bottle. I’m going to give you some Amazon links but before I do that I want to list down what exactly are you looking for in a travel tripod. 

Qualities to look in a tripod for solo travel:

  • It needs to be small and extendible
  • It should come with a small remote that you can secure safely back on the tripod when finished
  • The phone holder should be able to rotate so that you get landscape and portrait shots
  • Ideally, it should have another attachment for different cameras (such as a GoPro)

Best tripods to get from Amazon: 

UBeesize 60″ Phone Tripod – Best For Phones
How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of UBeesize 60" Phone Tripod
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Tripod Details: The UBeesize 60″ Phone Tripod is an ideal companion for solo travellers looking to capture stunning photos and videos without the need for assistance. This versatile tripod extends up to 60 inches, providing a stable platform for various shooting angles and heights. It comes with a universal phone holder and a wireless remote, allowing for effortless hands-free operation. The tripod’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry, while its sturdy build ensures stability on different terrains.

💰 Price: Approximately £34.99

Geekoto 77” Aluminum Tripod – Best For Cameras
How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of Geekoto 77” Aluminum Tripod.
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Tripod Details: The Geekoto 77” Aluminum Tripod is a fantastic option for solo travellers who need a reliable and versatile tripod for their photography needs. This tripod offers a maximum height of 77 inches, providing a wide range of shooting possibilities. It features a 360-degree panorama ball head, which is perfect for capturing stunning landscape shots and creating smooth panning videos. The tripod is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry on any adventure. Additionally, it is sturdy enough to support various cameras and smartphones, ensuring stability on diverse surfaces.

💰 Price: Approximately £89.99

Tip #3: Use the back camera of your phone

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Solo traveller in Ubud by the room balcony looking outside.

You guys, I’m a lot of things in this life but not a photographer. However, I do ask my photographer friends for tips and they always look at me with a disapproving expression when they catch me taking pictures of myself with the selfie camera of my phone (also called front camera). Well, apparently the front camera is not as powerful as the back camera, so I know this is strange but you need to use the back camera. 

What does it mean for you? You need to set up the tripod and take a picture without you to understand if the background looks fine and then test with you in it until you’re happy with your position. 

When you are satisfied, get ready to take the perfect shot, making sure you are in the centre of the frame. To achieve this you can walk straight from the camera to the location and mark the floor where you need to stand. If you don’t need to be in the middle, ignore me! 

Tip #4: Use your tripod this way

These are my go-to steps for the perfect shot. That could be a spontaneous shot or inspired by others I saw on Pinterest. This is what to do step by step: 

Step 1: make sure you’re in a good location where the tripod would stand. It shouldn’t be windy or steep. If it’s lightly windy, I normally place my bag or anything I find, on top of the tripod base to keep it steady. 

Step 2: extend the tripod, pick up the remote and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth. Check that it’s connected! 

Step 3: Start some testing as I explained earlier. Make sure you also move your phone from portrait to landscape. Press the remote as much as you can, out of loads of pictures you will find at least 1 you are happy with for sure!

Step 4: Make some short videos as well. They could be used for social media or to extract additional pictures later on. 

Tip #5: Get there early!

This is dedicated to all the shy female solo travellers like me. If you want to take a few pictures in a beautiful place without the crowd, you have to be an early bird! This is ideal not only if you are shy but also if you want a clear background or don’t want to worry if someone will steal your phone (it never happens in Bali but you never know!).

If you can’t get up early and it’s a bit busy around you, ignore everyone and do it anyway. You took time off from work, you earned the money with hard work, planned this entire trip alone and have the balls to travel alone. This is your trip, your time and your memories. They are complete strangers, even if they look at you (it rarely happens anyway), who cares? 

Best Phones For Solo Travel

Right, now that you know what to do let’s talk about equipment. I can give you a few options for a camera if you want and one for a phone. Let’s start from the phone. It took me years to find an affordable phone capable of taking great pictures. You are either an Apple fan or an Android fan, and I have to say I’m an Android fan because I don’t want to carry a portable charger wherever I go (I know this is a predictable explanation for an Android lover). 

Google Pixel is the only phone I’ve had for more than a year that has great battery life, an amazing camera and it’s actually affordable. So I will share 3 options of Google Pixel and one from Apple in case you prefer this brand.

1. Google Pixel 6a Smartphone

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of Google Pixel 6a.
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

I personally use the Google Pixel 6a because I got it a long time ago and it’s still working really well!

Phone Details: The Google Pixel 6a is a compact and affordable option that features a 12.2 MP dual-pixel rear camera, capable of capturing stunning photos in various lighting conditions. Its AI-enhanced features ensure clear, vibrant pictures, and it includes useful tools like Magic Eraser for removing unwanted objects from your shots.

💰 Price: £299.00

2. Google Pixel 7 Smartphone

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of Google Pixel 7
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Phone Details: The Google Pixel 7 offers a 50 MP wide-angle camera, making it ideal for capturing expansive landscapes and intricate details. Its advanced computational photography features, including Real Tone for accurate skin tones and Night Sight for low-light photography, ensure you get high-quality pictures every time.

💰 Price: £489.00

3. Google Pixel 8a Smartphone

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of Google Pixel 8a
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Phone Details: The Google Pixel 8a combines affordability with powerful camera capabilities, featuring a dual-camera system with a 12.2 MP wide and 16 MP ultra-wide lens. Its improved AI and machine learning enhancements provide excellent photo quality, even in challenging conditions. This phone is designed to deliver sharp and vibrant images.

💰 Price: £399.00

4. Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max.
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Phone Details: The Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max offers a cutting-edge camera system with advanced features ideal for solo travellers. It includes a 48 MP main camera, a 12 MP ultra-wide camera, and a 12 MP telephoto camera, allowing for versatile photography in any setting. The phone also features ProRAW and ProRes for professional-grade photo and video editing, ensuring you can capture and enhance your travel memories with ease.

💰 Price: £1,599.00

Best Camera For Solo Travel

Let’s move to the camera now. We want to make sure it’s light to carry around, powerful and affordable. Let’s explore some options: 

Sony RX100 Mark 2 to 5

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of the Sony camera
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Camera Details: The Sony RX100 series, from Mark 2 to Mark 5, is renowned for its compact size and powerful features, making it an excellent choice for solo travellers. These cameras boast impressive image quality with their large 1-inch sensors and fast lenses, perfect for capturing stunning photos in various lighting conditions. The RX100 Mark 5, in particular, offers advanced autofocus and 4K video recording, ideal for those who want to document their journeys with high-quality visuals. With a sleek and portable design, the RX100 series is easy to carry, ensuring you never miss a moment.

💰 Price: Approximately £600 to £1,000 (depending on the model and availability)

Canon G7X Mark 2

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of the Canon G7X camera
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Camera Details: The Canon G7X Mark 2 is a favourite among vloggers and solo travellers for its excellent image quality and user-friendly features. It features a 1-inch sensor and a fast f/1.8-2.8 lens, allowing for great performance in low light. The camera also has a flip-up touchscreen, making it perfect for selfies and vlogging. Its compact and lightweight design ensures that you can easily carry it around on your adventures, capturing beautiful photos and videos effortlessly.

💰 Price: Approximately £500 to £600

Fujifilm X-T30

How To Get Great Pictures When Travelling Alone In Bali. Image of the Fuji XT30 camera
Image Source: Amazon Product Page

Camera Details: The Fujifilm X-T30 is a top choice for solo travellers who prioritize image quality, especially in challenging lighting conditions. This mirrorless camera features an APS-C sensor, delivering exceptional photo and video quality. Its advanced autofocus system and 4K video capabilities make it versatile for both photography and videography. The X-T30’s compact body and classic design appeal to those who want a stylish yet powerful camera. It is particularly good for capturing high-quality images in low light, making it ideal for evening adventures and indoor settings.

💰 Price: Approximately £800 to £1,000

Book A Photoshoot Tour in Bali

There is another option in case you are not willing to spend time setting up your tripod and taking pictures of yourself. You can book a photographer! There are so many photography-related experiences in Bali. This is a great option if you are running out of time but need good-quality pictures for work or just for yourself! 

If that’s the case, these are the experiences you can book right now even before getting to Bali: 

1. Bali Nusa Penida 2-Day Flexi Combo Instagram Tour

For solo female travellers looking to capture the ultimate Instagram-worthy shots, the Bali Nusa Penida 2-Day Flexi Combo Instagram Tour is a must. This tour offers visits to some of the most picturesque spots on the island, including the famous Kelingking Beach, Angel’s Billabong, and Broken Beach. With a flexible itinerary, you can customize your tour to ensure you get the perfect backdrop for your photos. The tour also includes a knowledgeable guide who can help you find the best angles and hidden gems.

💰 Price: Approximately $135 to $150 per person

2. Ubud Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Swing Ticket with Guide

The Ubud Tegallalang Rice Terrace and Swing experience is perfect for solo travellers wanting to capture the quintessential Bali shot. The lush green terraces provide a stunning natural backdrop, and the iconic swing offers a fun and adventurous photo opportunity. With a guide to assist, you can learn about the local culture and history while snapping beautiful pictures that will make your Instagram feed pop.

💰 Price: Around $30 to $40 per person

3. Bali Ancient Meditation and Aura Cleansing Experience

For a cultural and unique photo opportunity, the Bali Ancient Meditation and Aura Cleansing Experience is an excellent choice. This experience takes place in a quiet and traditional setting, allowing you to capture moments of peace and interspection. The beautiful natural surroundings and traditional Balinese rituals offer a rich cultural backdrop for your photos.

💰 Price: Approximately $65 to $75 per person

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There you go! I hope you found this blog post useful and are all set with getting amazing pictures alone in Bali! You can also ask a stranger to take a picture but let me tell you I rarely got a good picture from asking random people. I would recommend getting a good tripod and phone or camera and do it yourself. It will be fun and you learn something new.

Ciao for now,

Silvia x

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