Silvia (solo taveller) in hotel room in England. Blog on how to find love if you solo travel

How To Find Love Whilst Solo Travelling

Hello, fellow solo travellers! 

For this Valentine’s day, I thought about all the solo travellers out there who are single (sometimes happily sometimes not).

Travelling alone doesn’t mean you won’t meet anyone or can’t have an exciting love story. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

I know what you might say, you are not travelling to find love but to enjoy your time. 

The reality is, we are all looking for affection and love deep inside. So even if we are not actively looking, meeting new people will always be a good experience whether it will turn into a friendship or something more. We can always something to learn from anyone.

That being said, I listed some easy and effective ways to find your Valentine if you’re willing to do so: 

#1: Join a community

Solo traveller to a yoga retreat in Bali, Indonesia

This is always the easiest way. If you are working remotely, your coworking space community could be a great start when it comes to meeting other people. These communities would normally organise post-work events or breakfasts and weekend activities. The best one I experienced was at the Outpost in Ubud. If you are not working then you can join, for example, a yoga or volunteer-based community where you regularly see a similar group of people for some time. 

#2: Sign up for activities from these websites

I love meeting people through these activities because it means I will meet someone with a similar interest as mine. For example, it could be a cultural experience, painting or surfing. You name it, these websites are covering them all!

Airbnb Experience: For the amount of Airbnb experiences I’ve had in my life, I should become their ambassador! These experiences are really fun and I always end up meeting lovely people and exchanging numbers!

Viator: Viator is part of TripAdvisor. The experiences are easy to book and it covers many locations worldwide. Small tip, if you have an Amex with British Airways or are part of the British Airways reward scheme, make sure to book your Viator experiences through the British Airways app so you can convert each £ into miles (learn more here)

Get Your Guide: Join other people who are looking for a guide. Chances are you will meet lovely travellers with similar interests. This is also slightly cheaper compared to the other options.

Nomeo Meetups: This is Bali-specific right now, but it looks like they are expanding quickly! Take a look at this website for network events, beach cleaning meetups, group workouts and much more!

Facebook communities: Look for a Facebook group related to the location of your travels and you will find events to go to or you could join other travellers for a coffee meetup. This is also the best place if you want to ask questions. I normally join groups of expats in that country as well, as they are more experienced than occasional solo travellers.

#3: Download dating apps

How to find love whilst travelling solo - solo traveller on a balcony in Ipoh, Malaysia

Bumble is one of the main apps to find someone whilst travelling. It’s very easy to use and it’s clear when it comes to finding out what the other person is looking for (on each profile would be indicated if the person is looking for a relationship or other). Each country would have a different dating app to download and it also depends on what kind of relationship you are looking for. If you want to know which app is used locally, I would just ask the first friendly person you meet at your accommodation.

#4: Do this when you have a meal alone

When you’re out for a meal on your own, be open and look around you. Chances are there are other solo travellers, just like you.

If your table is right next to someone interesting, maybe try to break the ice with anything coming to your mind. It could be something like “Hi, could I ask what you got? Your food looks yummy!”. Always remember that even if it doesn’t look like it, everyone enjoys human contact and meeting other people. You can meet loads of friends and new travel buddies in the same way.

#5: The Solo Traveller WhatsApp groups 

Once you start travelling, you will join A LOT of WhatsApp groups, especially if you are travelling to countries where they love using WhatsApp (such as South East Asia, the Middle East or Brazil).

At some point, I had 5 WhatsApp groups but on most of them, I didn’t know anyone who was on it. Each group had a different function and location. The way I was using it would be for example, if I was heading out for dinner, I would ask if anyone was in town and up to grab some food together. Most of the time, a few people will reply, so I would just meet random people for dinner!


If you live in a big city, I understand that most of my tips will sound impossible for you. But travelling is different and there are a lot of lovely people just like you who are travelling solo. If you are really looking for someone and feeling discouraged right now, think about this. The fact that you came across people you liked/had a relationship with in the past is proof that it could happen again. I hope this blog post gave you some actionable ideas to try out!

If you are afraid to travel alone, I’ve got you! In this blog post, I listed all the possible obstacles you might think of and how to overcome them!

Ciao for now,

Silvia x

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