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How Courier Services Work In Bali

Hello fellow traveller! Today I’m going to tell you how to send and receive a package in Indonesia. Sometimes you have to send something to a friend or forget your passport on a different island (my case) and wonder what’s the best way to ensure you safely deliver your package. In this blog post, I will tell you How courier services work In Bali and some tips on speeding up the process. Take a big breath and let’s go!

Which company to go for? 

There are quite a few national courier services in Bali, however, J&T Express is the most popular and used by locals and expats. So I’m going to go ahead with this option.

How to send your package

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Go on Google Maps and find the closest J&T Express office to you. Don’t trust Google Maps fully because they often change their location and do not update Google Maps. 

I hope you’re into meditation because you need to really be patient and aligned with yourself before starting this process! Dealing with J&T will test your nerves but I’ve got you!

Get your label right and ask for info

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Enter the office and fill out the address sheet with as much detail as possible. Think as if you are writing it for a 5-year-old and remember to ask for an express delivery. You might pay a bigger fee but it means you have a better chance of seeing your package again. Make sure to type your WA number on the package as well, just in case the courier needs to ask some questions.

Before leaving, ask if there is any chance to get the WA number of the courier of the final delivery office who will handle the final delivery. This will save you lots of time later on, in case your package gets stuck. I’m not going to lie to you, this is a chance! This takes me to the next step:

What if it gets stuck? 

Once you’ve done everything and left the delivery office, you will need to check daily on the J&T Express app to track your parcel. To do this go on the website and press “search/trace and track”. At that point, you will need to paste your tracking number and that’s it!

As soon as you see your package not moving in 2 days that’s when you go back to the closest post office and ask for the WA number of the post office where your package is on hold (or if you got the number of the final courier when you dropped your package, this is time to use it!). Don’t wait for days, you need to be fast on this! Sometimes what happens is that the courier doesn’t understand where to deliver the parcels so the package will be on hold forever at the post office. Yes, I remember I suggested leaving your WA number for this case, unfortunately, none ever called me but I still have faith in humanity!

Once you have the courier’s number on hand, the chance to understand each other it’s pretty slim. So don’t call unless you are fluent in Indonesian but ask a friend or hotel staff to call on your behalf and ask if the package could be held on the side. This way, wherever the delivery office is, your package will not be on delivery forever but someone will pick it up.

How to collect the package

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At this point, if you can, you should send someone trusted to collect it or go yourself if possible. The fewer hands handling your parcel, the better, especially if we are talking about something you care about. If you want someone to collect it for you, ask the “Grab” app to bring it to you (if you are far away) but make sure the Grab driver understands you and knows what to do. You should also inform the delivery office that a Grab driver will collect the package for you.


I hope this blog post on “How Courier Services Work In Bali” has been useful for you. Getting your package to the final destination is not impossible but you need to be on the case from start to finish. You’ve got this!

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Ciao for now,

Silvia x