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Looking for a Homestay in Canggu, Bali? Check these out!

Hello there! Have you been daydreaming about your next solo trip, with visions of stunning beaches, friendly waves, and unforgettable connections dancing in your head? Well, Canggu might be a great place to start. It’s famous for its vibrant surfer scene, exciting nightlife and a lot more. If you are looking for the perfect homestay in Canggu (Bali) for female solo travellers, keep reading!

Why Every Female Solo Traveler Should Consider a Homestay in Canggu, Bali

Female solo traveller sitting in a patio outside a bungalow in Bali. She is wearing yoga leggings and bra and she is looking up. Her feet are on a rund table in front of her.

Here’s a little tip from one female solo traveller to another – when you’re planning your trip to Canggu, Bali, you should seriously consider booking a homestay. Here’s why:

It’s Like Finding Your Bali Family

Balinese hosts are known for being warm-hearted and generous. This is lovely when travelling alone, One time I came back to my room crying because of something that happened at my remote job and the homestay host wrapped me in her arms and encouraged me, just like a mum! You can be part of their world if you want to (not forced), sharing meals, stories, and even the occasional family outing. It’s a heartwarming experience that no hotel can match.

Get the Inside Scoop

Staying with locals means you’ll get recommendations that only insiders know about. Forget about the tourist traps. Your hosts can point you toward that hole-in-the-wall café with the best Balinese coffee or a secret beach where you can watch the sunset in peace. Plus, they can give you the lowdown on local customs, so you can explore confidently, knowing you’re respecting the culture.

Safety First, Always

For all the female solo travellers out there, safety is key, right? Choosing a homestay can offer an extra layer of security that’s so comforting when you’re in a new place. Knowing you’ve got a local family looking out for you, someone to check in with, and a safe space to return to can make all the difference in the world. It’s like having a safety net while you swing from one awesome Bali adventure to the next.

Your Budget Will Thank You

Who doesn’t love saving a few bucks, especially when you’re on the road? Homestays often come with a smaller price tag than hotels, leaving you more money for experiences, shopping, and maybe an extra plate of delicious Mie Goreng. Plus, many homestays include home-cooked breakfasts or even access to a kitchen, so you can save heaps by whipping up your own meals from time to time. Some places come with impressive pools as well and beautiful modern or traditional interior design.

Eco-Friendly Travels

By staying in a homestay, you’re also doing Mother Earth a solid. Homestays generally have a smaller environmental footprint compared to big hotels. You’re living just as the locals do, which is often in harmony with nature, especially in a paradise like Bali. It’s a great way to make sure your travel tales are not only incredible but also kind to our planet. I’ll give you an example. In hotels in Bali, you will find a few welcome water bottles which are mostly in plastic. If you’re staying in a homestay instead, they would have a water fountain where you can go fill out your water bottle anytime you want. They also change your bedsheets less frequently and the same goes with your towels.

Make Lifelong Friends

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about choosing a homestay is the chance to make genuine connections. You’re not just a guest; you become part of the family, even if only for a short time. These connections can bloom into lifelong friendships, giving you even more reasons to return to Bali. I’ve met so many friends through homestays, we would go to the market together or a ceremony… If you want to know more about how to meet locals check out this blog post!

Best homestays in Canggu for Female Solo Travellers

Right, let’s get into it now! I’ve made a list of the top 8 homestays in Canggu so that all you have to do is book. Prices go from $20 to $50 per night. You’re welcome!

#1 Sunflower Stay And Surf

Sunflower Stay And Surf is located only 700 metres from Canggu Beach but away from the busy streets. The interior design is not necessarily Balinese but it’s beautiful and very well thought-through. Each room is clean and tidy with stunning decor. The communal spaces are also incredible and welcoming. Each guest can use the kitchen and would have some space reserved in the shared fridge as well.

💰Price: $40 per night

Pros: Bright, sunny rooms and on-site surf lessons. Perfect for those looking to ride the waves.

Cons: A bit noisy due to the nearby beach parties.

#2 Pondok Cap Oleng Guesthouse Canggu by Ecommerceloka

Homestay Canggu Bali. Female solo traveller sleeping in a homestay in Bali.

Next, we have Pondok Cap Oleng Guesthouse Canggu by Ecommerceloka. This place is tucked away from the busy streets of Canggu therefore it’s super quiet and relaxing. It’s the perfect location if you want to explore the surrounding areas as well. That’s because it is strategically located between Canggu Centre and Tanah Lot Temple. Offering a homely ambience and warm hospitality, Pondok Cap Oleng Canggu by Ecommerceloka ensures your stay feels like a homecoming.

💰Price: $35 per night

Pros: Authentic Balinese accommodation delivers a true local experience. Stunning garden scenery.

Cons: Situated away from the main tourist spots, requiring a walk or scooter journey for exploration.

#3 Mugeri Homestay

Homestay Canggu Bali. Female solo traveller smiling in bed at night. She is staying in a homestay in Bali. There is a wooden door behind her.

Located in the heart of Canggu, Mugeri Homestay is a calm and friendly place to stay. Managed by a lovely local family, it offers that warm, welcoming atmosphere you crave on a holiday. Just a stone’s throw from Echo Beach, it’s perfect for those sunset walks and early morning surfs. It’s nice to be able to walk around from time to time instead of taking the scooter and this place is just perfect for that.

💰Price: $15 per night

Pros: Family-run, providing an at-home feel. Close to Echo Beach. Super affordable!

Cons: Limited availability, so book in advance! Also, there is no pool.

#4 Krisna Homestay

Homestay Canggu Bali. Silvia on a white bed wearing a green dress looking at the camera.

Next, we have Krisna Homestay. The hosts here are amazing, really going the extra mile with anything you might need. The homestay is clean, with big powerful showers and a beautiful swimming pool (perfect for quiet morning swims!). The reason why this place is ideal for female solo travellers is because of its location. You can easily walk to the main roads where you can get your comfort local or western food.

💰Price: $20 per night

Pros: Super affordable, with clean and comfortable rooms. Friendly hosts.

Cons: It’s a little out of the way from the bustling parts of Canggu but you can easily walk there.

#5 The Sunrise Canggu

If you are looking for modern accommodation, you should go to The Sunrise Canggu. The rooms are clean and tidy with lovely spacious balconies. This place is on a busy street so walking around is not really a safe option, but it’s conveniently close to the Body Factory if you’re a big fan of that gym! There are also other famous gyms around and yoga studios.

💰Price: $22 per night

Pros: Delicious breakfasts, shared kitchen, amazing hosts

Cons: It doesn’t have a communal area

#6 Candra Surf Homestay

Candra Surf Homestay is a cosy accommodation that offers a safe and welcoming environment for those exploring Bali’s surf culture alone. With its intimate setting and proximity to the beach (10 min scooter drive), you can enjoy the thrill of catching waves or going for a walk by the sea. Whether you’re looking to unwind with yoga sessions, explore local markets, or simply soak up the sun, Candra Surf Homestay provides the perfect home base for your solo adventure in Canggu.

💰Price: $20 per night

Pros: Steps away from the beach, offering breathtaking views and easy surf access.

Cons: The higher price point and the sound of waves might not be for everyone.

#7 Pondok Chesia Homestay

Next, we have Pondok Chesia Homestay. This is the perfect accommodation for a dose of peace and quiet. It’s away from the hustle and bustle and it comes with a lovely pool. This homestay is not too far from restaurants and the central area but you will need to rent a scooter to get around!

💰Price: $27 per night

Pros: Quiet, cosy, and comfortable. Offers a peaceful retreat.

Cons: You’ll need transport to reach the nightlife and restaurants.

#8 Berawa Homestay

Experience the heart of Canggu at Berawa Homestay. Right in the mix of it all, this spot gives you direct access to the vibrant streets, eateries, and beaches. If you love being where the action is, Berawa is your go-to. The rooms are very spacious and clean, just how we like them. There is also some gym equipment for anyone to use. This homestay is probably more expensive than others but it will be just perfect.

💰Price: $50 per night

Pros: In the heart of Canggu. Close to everything you need.

Cons: Can be quite busy around the area, so it might not be as relaxing.

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I hope you found this blog post useful and possibly booked your homestay in Canggu. One last tip before leaving you: make sure you bring your toiletries. The majority of homestays in Bali would only provide towels and sheets. It’s not the case for all of them but better to be prepared! 🌊🌴✨

Ciao for now,

Silvia x