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The Perfect Christmas Gift Guide For Solo Travellers

Hello everyone!

I hope you are well and enjoying the work Christmas parties!

If you like being ahead of the game and start buying Christmas presents for yourself or others then keep reading. Maybe you have a trip planned for next year or you just want to save it on your wish list on Amazon? This is the perfect gift guide that every traveller would enjoy and they are all very much affordable!

The space savers – the most loved items for minimalists

Microfibre Towel from Amazon: This towel has been incredibly useful. As you might know, I’m currently in Bali during the rainy season which means the normal towels (or even clothes) don’t get dried at all. I initially purchased this towel with the intention of using it on the beach and it doesn’t take up space in the suitcase. But I ended up using it to shower at Dubai Airport and literally every day in Bali because the hotel towels wouldn’t get dry.

So I would only use them whilst my microfibre towel is at the laundry. It dries in no time, it’s super soft and comfortable. No, it won’t feel like being wrapped in foil! Trust me on this one!

Pocket-sized backpack on the left, Travel backpack on the right

Pocket-sized backpack (waterproof!!!) from Amazon: I’ve never seen anything more waterproof than this bag, not even mascara! I go to the coworking space every day facing the worst rain ever and not even one drop makes it inside! I carry my laptop, charger, and change and nothing gets wet! This is also a comfortable extra bag to carry on your way back home if you purchase something on your travels and doesn’t fit in your suitcase

Travel backpack (waterproof) from Amazon: This backpack is like the Mary Poppins bag. I keep filling it and everything fits, I’m not even sure how. I like how organised it is because I can divide everything into different departments. It’s comfortable to wear and it’s waterproof!

Christmas Gift Guide for solo travellers, water bottle (Eco-friendly) - The Good Observer

Water bottle that purifies the water from Amazon: This is actually on my wish list. After contracting a bacteria and parasite infection in Bali – I would love to get a water purifier to make sure I don’t get any infection at least coming from the water! If you are going to a hot destination but don’t need the water purifier I would suggest one of these Chilly’s bottles because they keep the water cool and are totally eco-friendly.

Christmas Gift Guide for solo travellers, Silicon containers (Eco-friendly) - The Good Observer

Silicon containers from Amazon: These containers are not only for beauty purposes but they could be anything. For example, I use one of them to carry honey and refill it anytime I can. These containers are fully trustable, not like plastic containers. As you will know in Bali it’s effortless for ants to get in food containers but with these silicon containers, they never managed to get in!!

Travel Toiletry Bag: I mean you might think you don’t need this but if you want to make sure you don’t lose anything this is your best bet. I used to have different pouches for different bathroom products and they lost everything here and there (especially when I double-checked the hotel room without wearing my glasses).

Gift cards

Right, if you have a bigger budget to spend on a gift I would suggest one of these 2 gift cards. I guarantee your friends will love it:

  • Airbnb gift card: Airbnb provides exceptional accommodations and experiences worldwide. Make sure you read the T&Cs before buying because sometimes you can only spend gift cards in selected countries.
  • gift card: You will never go wrong with this one! also includes flights and taxi services so the gift card here could be used in different ways.

The perfect gift for the Gym Types

Travel essentials for solo travellers, workout app. Christmas gift guide - The Good Observer

Working out whilst travelling is not easy. I personally use my Peloton App which provides online classes (from HIIT to yoga, from boxing to meditation) and I try to squeeze in a HIIT workout whenever I can.

If Peloton is not available to you I would recommend getting a Class Pass for yourself or as a Christmas Gift to another traveller! Class Pass is a subscription-based app that allows you to take part in gym classes all over the world (in a physical gym or online). Each subscription type gives you a certain amount of credits. Each class would have different credits, varying based on the country and class type. I used it in London and Thailand but I know it’s available everywhere!


I hope this post was useful for you! It’s not only for Christmas but it’s good to keep these things in mind for birthdays or other celebrations. If you want some tips about how to pack in a really smart way head to this blog post!

Ciao for now,

Silvia x