Seaweed farm in Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia.

5 Cool Bali Tours for Solo Travellers to Check Out This Year

I know what you are thinking. It’s the first time you are going to Bali and although you can organise to go on this trip alone you need some help. Maybe you don’t have the time or the energy to plan the trip or simply you’ve never been on a solo trip. Well, I’ve got you. In this blog post, I will go through 5 amazing Bali tours for solo travellers!

These are the 5 best ways to have your trip already organised and scheduled without moving a finger. I chose these because they are particularly good if you’re a solo traveller. You will get the chance to meet other people, check out what Bali has to offer and get some alone time too if you want to.

Ready? Let’s go!

Why Choose an Organised Tour Instead of Planning it All Yourself?

Before I dive into the 5 options I promised, let’s go through a few reasons why you would choose an organised tour rather than doing everything yourself.

  • It saves you time and energy. Planning a trip from scratch can be exhausting, but with a tour package, everything is already taken care of. All you have to do is pay and enjoy.
  • You’ll have company throughout your journey. Travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. By joining a packaged tour, you’ll be surrounded by fellow travellers with the same passion for exploration.
  • Support is just a step away. When you’re in a foreign land, having someone to turn to for assistance can make a world of difference.
  • Travel insurance is often included. Check the details, but many tour packages come with travel insurance, giving you peace of mind during your adventures. If not, this is one of the best ones I would recommend.
  • Bali can be part of a larger Southeast Asia itinerary. If you’re planning to explore more than just Bali, tour packages can help you seamlessly navigate multiple destinations.

Now that we’ve got this covered, let’s dive into the best Bali tours for solo travellers!

Option 1: Surf and Yoga Camp

Silvia surfing in Lombok, Indonesia.

Let’s start with my favourite one! A surf and yoga camp is all you need if you love surfing or are interested in getting into it. These sorts of camps are done really well in Bali and local people are real professionals when it comes to teaching how to surf. They would assign you to the right group depending on your level and they would help you get to the next level or simply teach you how to stand up for the first time! Also, yoga is what you need to stretch out after a day out in the sea, I can guarantee you will love this combo.

Here are a few Surf and Yoga camps to consider:

✔️ Pros: The chance to meet like-minded travellers, build new friendships, and create lasting memories.

Cons: The cost might be higher, and the laid-back schedule may not suit everyone. If you feel like it’s too pricey for you, there is always the option of booking classes separately and organise your own accommodation. I wrote this blog post on where to learn how to surf in Bali, it might be useful to have a quick read!

If you would be interested in trying one in Lombok instead of Bali, check out this blog post! I’ve done one there and I literally had the best time.

Option 2: Organised Trips with Tour Operators

Street in Bali, Indonesia

This is the best option if you want a full itinerary planned and you really want to visit a lot around Bali or Indonesia as a whole. Some tours would even do South East Asia. I would go down this route if you want to cover more in less time. It could also turn out to be very pricey but these tours are very well planned, so you are in safe hands 100%.

If that sounds good, here are the best Tour Operators you should check out:

✔️ Pros: The chance to make lifelong friends, explore more in less time and just enjoy the trip without any worry.

Cons: Itineraries may be more structured, allowing less flexibility for personal exploration.

Option 3: Yoga Retreats

Yoga classroom in Bali. There are big windows showing the joungle and lots of light entering the room.

Yoga retreats in Bali are just the best! They are very well structured but also affordable and super flexible. You can find different packages depending on how many days you have available. There are normally options to share your room or not, this is up to you and your budget. I booked a room on my own and it didn’t break the bank at all!

If it sounds good check out these yoga retreats in Ubud and Nusa Lembongan, Through yoga retreats in Bali I met loads of other lovely female solo travellers and improved my yoga practice.

✔️Pros: Affordable and set in amazing locations. The food is also incredible!

Cons: Some retreats might have a specific focus or schedule, so make sure it aligns with your preferences.

Option 4: Nomad Her Meetups

5 Cool Bali Tours Options for Solo Travellers. Organised tour to Canggu beach in Bali

If you are a female solo traveller you have to download the free app Nomad Her! I fell in love with this app as soon as I learned about it! This platform gives you the opportunity to connect with like-minded women and meet them during your trips, you can ask questions about your travels and it also organises meetups! They normally plan quite a few meetups or surf camps in Bali every month and the prices are quite affordable.

✔️Pros: The opportunity to bond with inspiring women, share stories, and gain valuable insights from experienced travellers.

Cons: Meetups might not be available in all locations or at all times, so check on the app for upcoming events.

Option 5: Adventures

Traditional countryside in Bali, Indonesia

Ever thought about joining the crowd at It’s an awesome platform where professional guides organise different events and gatherings. It’s pretty much everywhere around the world and all you have to do is sign up and join groups that organise pre-packaged tours or specific trips to Bali. I’ve used this website quite a few times already and I always found it quite trustable!

✔️ Pros: You’ll be in good company with like-minded people, making your Bali experience even more memorable. They sometimes organise some video calls or meetings where you can meet the other participants before the trip.

Cons: You’ll need to wait for a suitable Bali trip to be organised, and availability can sometimes be sporadic.

Useful links:

If you want to try and go on your own completely, check out this blog post where I go through the safety in Bali for female solo travellers and I’ll give you some tips on where to stay, work and enjoy your trip🌴

Read this blog post if you need to get an idea about what to do in order to get your VISA sorted 🗒️


I hope this blog post has been useful for you. Have a think about what kind of trip you want to go for. If you want to explore as much as possible I would choose a tour operator, if you want to spend more time in the same place I would opt for the other 4 options. Make sure you take your time to review each option and flight prices (which are normally not included). Trust me, you won’t regret this!

Ciao for now,

Silvia x

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