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4 Things To Do In Singapore Alone

Close your eyes. Feel the heat and humidity warming up your body. You are walking on an empty street surrounded by tropical plants, a skyline in sight. There is absolutely no rubbish anywhere, this is the cleanest place you’ve ever been and you stop at a juice bar to get a cold passion fruit juice with ice. This is how it feels like to be in Singapore.

Whether you are going for work, a holiday or a quick stop-over, you have to note down these must-try 4 things to do in Singapore alone – you won’t regret it!

Things to do in Singapore

#1 Go for a swim:

Last month I wrote down what I would do if I was living the life I wanted and “going for a morning swim” was the number one activity. I know you could probably find a swimming pool everywhere but you certainly can’t go for a morning swim surrounded by tropical plants if you live in a cold country. Outdoor swimming pools in Singapore are very easy to find. Most residential buildings and hotels have them. So go for a swim, feel the water cooling down your body and the power of your arms when pushing away the water whilst swimming.

Early morning swim in Singapore

#2 Visit Chinatown and Little India:

I know these are touristy locations but they are beautiful and colourful. It won’t take too long time to visit both of them and they are quite close to each other if you take the MRT (Singapore version of the tube).

Little India, Singapore

#3 Explore residential areas

Potong Pasir, Singapore

One of the reasons why we travel is because we want to know what is it like to live in a different country. Let me tell you something, you will never find out any of it if you only visit touristy spots or take a cab. What you need to do is take public transport and explore residential areas. I went to Potong Pasir for example and I loved the food market with elderly people getting their daily meals and chickens wondering.

#4 Try the cable car and cruise

These are the 2 fun activities you could do with your friends or on your own! Cable car and River cruise are the best ways to enjoy the Singapore skyline and greenery at the same time.

Where to stay

I stayed at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel in Singapore and I would highly recommend it. The rooms are spacious and beautiful with breathtaking views. The hotel includes a tennis court, gym, swimming pool and beautiful relaxing areas.

Interesting facts about Singapore

You’ve probably read a few books about Singapore before reading my post or watched some YouTube videos but I’m sure you didn’t know about these interesting facts:

#1 Locals LOVE the airport

The Airport in Singapore

I mean, we can’t blame them, the airport is simply spectacular but that’s not all. It includes a beautiful shopping mall, fun activities for children and the most beautiful waterfall your eyes have witnessed. You won’t believe this but there are daily, weekly and monthly passes available to purchase in order to access the airport.

#2 Singapore loves its citizens

Singapore is the next global gambling mecca and it brings a lot of tourism, especially from Malaysia. But Singapore doesn’t want its citizens to gamble so in order to access a Casino they need to pay 150 Singapore Dollars each.

The government would also protect taxi drivers, in fact in order to be one you need to be Singaporean.

#3 Chewing gums are illegal in Singapore

By law, you can’t import or own any chewing gum. In order to protect the environment and keep the streets clean, chewing gums has been banned since 1992.


Singapore sits in the best location in southeast Asia. If you are in the country for just a short time make sure to extend your trip and also visit Thailand (see blog post here about Bangkok and Khao Sok National Park) or Bali. If you’re not sure what to pack in your suitcase and flight bag, follow my tips here.

Enjoy your trip!

Ciao for now,

Silvia x

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